It is impossible to monitor subcontractors 24/7, so you have to take their word that they are complying with legislation when they are carrying out your reinstatements.

It can be costly if they are not getting it right first time though – defect charges from local authorities are expensive and ultimately sub-standard workmanship puts your reputation on the line.

  • Self core reinstatement works to show the Local Authority you are compliant and committed driving excellence before they test your work
  • Carry out site inspections and defect sites before they are sampled in a coring programme.
  • Save on defective charges from the Local Authorities

The benefits of having structured coring programme

  1. Have a better understanding of the compliance required of the specification
  2. Drive continuous improvement of the contractors and promote competence
  3. Develop key performance indicators nationally – identifying the areas where the competent contractors are to those who are non-compliant.
  4. Avoid costly fines from Local Authorities by self testing and putting these costs back to the subcontractor.

By using Trench Right have confidence in your subcontractor's work ensuring that it is NRSWA/SROH compliant