Pre-site inspections

Trench Right can save the Local Authority time and resources. All we require is a quantity and a list gathered from the Streetworks register, our pre-site engineer will identify the patches and clearly mark with a white spray paint marker. Each site is GPS mapped on our IT system.

We can identify

  • Visual defects – which are issued straight to the inspectors so a defect notice can be issued for the appropriate remedial action, in order to safeguard the structure and public or that require serious maintenance urgently.
  • FPN’s – issued to the inspector to send out the appropriate fix plentily notice charge.


Once the sites have been identified, marked up and authorised on our IT system a 28 day formal notice will be issued to the Utilities and the client. This will include the following; 

An email with a link to files containing PDF certificates, showing all relevant identification and photos of the patch and surroundings.  A link to a spreadsheet where all the site information is compiled in one place with links to individual jobs certificates

  • During this time the Utility has the opportunity to object to any site they feel should not be cored.
  • A further notice is issued with a commencement date for when the coring works to begin.
  • All pre site photos are shown on the core results certificate.

Common visual defects identified

  • Surface irregularity
  • Trip hazards
  • Broken kerbs
  • Interim reinstatements
  • Broken lids or missing
  • Cutback issues
  • Edge cracking
  • Reinstatement sinking

Trench Right offers the full package, identifying and marking the core sites, identifying visual defects and FPN's saving you time when staffing levels are low


  • No work undertaken at the location
  • Section 74 Signs left after work completion
  • Incorrect registration details
  • Incorrect patch dimensions