Trench Right core sampling and testing processes are to the highest standard and very efficient. Data is managed electronically and testing is carried out in accordance with the BS EN Standards.

Pre site inspections

We offer pre site inspections sites are located, marked with white marker paint, photographed identifying the patch and locations and surroundings. A certificate is produced with all relevant identification information. Please click here to find out more.

SROH notice requirement for Local Authorities

A 28 day formal notice of our intention to core is issued via our IT system.  Please click here to find out more.

Core drilling

Sites are chosen for our engineers and drilling of either 50mm for small patches and micro-trenching or 112mm for standard trench/patch size and we also offer a larger core sample of 150mm diameter. During this process we can remove the subgrade layers up to 450mm deep and provide a comment on the condition.  All samples are given a unique reference number which is written on an ID tag which stays with the cores throughout the testing process. Cores are logged on to our IT system electronically on site, together with photographs of locations (multiple photos showing surroundings) and the core sample next to the extraction hole. We are able to guarantee traceability, consistency and accuracy.


Following core extraction the core is placed securely with ID tag in a sealed bag  and transported to our UKAS accredited Laboratory to begin the testing. Jobs which have been cored by our clients cores can be collected or delivered to us by courier or by the client.

Testing the core sample

Having arrived at UKAS Laboratory we take responsibility for the core from  beginning to the end of the testing process under strict controls.

Our Laboratory technicians test to the BS EN Standards to check that the  reinstatement has been laid to the correct legal statutory requirements set out in the SROH for;

  1. Core Depth Measurement
  2. Correct Material used, aggregate type
  3. PAK test to detect PAH levels (if required)
  4. % Air void content

Auditing process

All test results are audited as required by UKAS.


Once the jobs have been audited, our IT System electronically issues a core test report for each core sampled. An overview spreadsheet showing all the data of the test results and performance charts are produced. The client can access all the information via our secure client database.

Compaction Testing

We are able to visit sites to carry out compaction testing to ensure compliance is undertaken using a range of methods. Find out more here .

Chapter 8 signs and barriers set up around each and every core location

We used the Xcalibre secure hydraulic drill stand with levelling screw system to allow for fast accurate and very safe core drilling. It is ideal for towns and cities and transported in the back of our vans.

Sample extracted from the reinstatement using a 112mm diamond tipped core barrel

Reinstatement left clean and tidy

In our laboratory the core samples and identification tag are cleaned, laid out on the specially made racking ready to begin the testing process

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UKAS Accreditation Certificate

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