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Trench Right Coring - Testing Specialists

Each year, in excess of 90,000 remedial works are carried out in the footways and carriageways because of poorly replaced surfaces and as the new SROH Code of Conduct has been implemented, it's more crucial than ever that reinstatements are carried out correctly first-time.

Our Coring Services...

Trench Right is a well established company based in Yorkshire and working with clients Nationwide. Trench Right is a UKAS Accredited Testing Laboratory No. 4642 specialising in core sampling and testing of bituminous materials, compaction testing and site inspections. We provide services to Local Authorities, Utilities, Fibre Companies, Highway Engineer Consultants and House Builders.

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How can we help you today?

90,000 remedial works are carried out each year because of poorly replaced road surfaces. Contact Trench Right to find out how you can alleviate this problem in your organisation.

If you have a query or if you think your organisation would benefit from core sampling and testing through Trench Right, please contact us, either by completing the enquiry form or using the details below.

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Trench Right, Unit 11, Beckbridge Road, Normanton, Wakefield, WF6 1TE

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