"Core testing with Trench-Right can help you to avoid fines, defect charges and keep your reputation in tact."


Why use Trench-Right?

TrenchRight guarantee an accurate, reliable and impartial service. We use the latest industry-standard equipment to carry out our testing at our UKAS accredited laboratory in Wakefield.


All our results are compiled and categorized using mobile audit software on a PDA or handset. This minimises the risk of information being mislaid or confused. Our easy-to-use login system on our Homepage means that clients can access their results on-line as soon as they are ready, as well as receiving a paper copy. All the results are GPS-tagged by our software so you can have absolute confidence about which core has come from which site.


To find out about the specific benefits of using our services for contractors or local authorities, please click on the appropriate link below.


Core testing benefits for contractors.


Core testing benefits for local authorities.