"We manage the core testing and sampling process from beginning to end to guarantee accuracy and efficiency."

Our Processes


At Trench-Right, our core testing and sampling processes are straightforward and very efficient as they are managed electronically.

Core drilling

When we have agreed the terms and specifications of a job, we will send our core drilling teams to the specified site and they will remove the core. As all our jobs are logged on to our system electronically, and issued to our engineers via PDA, we can guarantee accuracy and efficiency.

Testing the core

The core that has been removed from the reinstatement will be sent back to our lab for testing. We have our own in-house UKAS laboratory so we are taking responsibility for the core testing and sampling process from beginning to end, allowing us to manage our jobs under strict controls.

When cores are removed by the core drilling team, they are issued with a core number which can be instantly located at the lab, ensuring consistency throughout the process.

Our technicians will test the core for all the statutory requirements including air voids, materials used and core depth. The technician will fill out a job sheet detailing the results and log them onto the system.

Auditing cores

All the cores are audited which ensures accuracy in our testing. The auditor will pass or fail the core and at this point the results can be printed and distributed. Results will also be published on our secure server so that clients can login instantly to view them.