"Identify sub-contractors who are consistently ignoring compliance, and correct problems before they go any further."

Benefits of core testing with Trench-Right for contractors


It’s impossible to monitor sub-contractors 24/7 so you have to take their word that they are complying with legislation when they are carrying out your reinstatements.

It can be costly if they are not getting it right first time though - defect charges from local authorities are expensive and ultimately sub-standard workmanship puts your reputation on the line.

Using our core testing and sampling services gives you the opportunity to weed out sub-contractors who are consistently ignoring compliance, and allows you to correct any problems before they go any further. Detecting and correcting issues before the local authority does, means that you can avoid defect charges and because your reinstatements are fully compliant with codes of practice you are far less likely to be sued by a member of the public because of a trip hazard.


Key benefits


- Save money by correcting defects before charges are issued

- Identify non-compliant subcontractors

- Maintain a good reputation

- Reduce liability costs from vehicle damage or personal injury claims.


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