"Trench-Right is fully UKAS accredited laboratory, specialising in core testing."

About us


Trench-Right are based just outside Wakefield, in West Yorkshire, so we are well-positioned to serve locations around the country. Our UKAS accredited laboratory is ran by a skilled technician so we can take care of every aspect of the core sampling and testing process from beginning to end.


We are completely impartial so we can guarantee that you are receiving accurate, factual results from our testing service.

At Trench-Right, we like to use technology to make things easy for ourselves and our clients. We use data capture software on mobile devices to record site information and log jobs. This data is sent back to a central database so that our clients can receive their testing results electronically. On the top right of our website you will see the ‘Login for core testing results’ button, which allows our clients to login, and view their results quickly and conveniently.


To view information on our UKAS accredation please click here